The bathroom is one area in the house most people have the least desire to clean. However, as one of the areas you, your family, and guests use on a regular basis, you have to clean and sanitize it often.

For some, the bathroom can be overwhelming to know how to clean a bathroom because you may not know how or where to start. You may not even know what are the best cleaning agents and materials to use. Keep reading to learn how you can clean the area the right way.

Cleaning the Bathroom Tub

The tub is something you want to be ahead of when you want to prevent the appearance of grime and soap stains. You can keep your tub free from dirt by cleaning it often.

Most multi-cleaners will work. Be sure to keep your door open to ventilate the fumes too. If you have tough spots, try using a magic eraser or scrubber. Refrain from using anything too abrasive though so you do not destroy your tub.

Cleaning the Bathroom Floor and Tiles

Regular bathroom cleaning includes the floors as well. No one likes to feel dirt or step into sticky areas. Dirt travels around the house and dirt accumulates on the floor even if you feel like you do not do anything. Before you mop the area, vacuum or sweep large debris first.

The cleaner you use is the most important with this step, especially if you are dealing with dirty grout. In these cases, opt for bleach-based gel cleaners and follow-up with any multi-purpose bathroom cleaner.

Cleaning the Bathroom Sink

The sink is one of the areas that may have the most gunk if you do not clean it often. You may have makeup, hair strands, toothpaste among other things so you should always start with a general wipe.

To get rid of germs that harbor around the sink, use any multi-purpose cleaner or wipes. Lysol and Clorox are familiar brands and are excellent. Be sure to use water as the last wipe when using solutions.

Cleaning the Bathroom Toilet

When you are cleaning a bathroom, the toilet is one thing you want to ensure remains a pristine white and is free of germs that can leave a lingering odor. At a minimum, you want to clean your toilet once a week or use an auto toilet flush cleaner.

Those who want to clean their toilet by hand can use any bowl cleaner and allow it to soak first for a few minutes before flushing. Do not forget to disinfect all areas of the toilet afterward too.

Knowing How To Clean a Bathroom the Right Way

Sometimes the issue is not cleaning the bathroom itself. It is knowing how to clean a bathroom the right way. If you fail at doing this, you may leave behind stains and residue after cleaning or struggle with odor and sanitation issues.

It helps to use the right cleaning agents to get the job done the first time. If you have little time to tend to household cleaning, you can contact us to clean your bathroom or other areas at home.

With us, you can be sure your home will look immaculate. If you would like to find out how much cleaning your bathroom may be, you can get a quick quote online.