A 2017 NBC news article revealed that 25% of folks in the US have a clutter problem. It also cited how more than eight in 10 Americans worried about how unorganized their homes were. As a result, many of them felt stressed due to the state of their home and possessions.

If you’re in the same boat, it’s a good time to think about hiring junk removal professionals. We’ll share some of the key advantages of hiring pros to do the work for you, so be sure to read on.

1. You Won’t Strain Your Back

Experts estimate that eight in 10 people in the US will deal with back pain at some point in their life. This might happen to you if you attempt to you clear all that clutter in your home. You may strain your back if you bend awkwardly or carry stuff that’s too heavy for your body.

Providers of junk removal services keep such hazards at bay with the use of proper equipment. These include utility carts, appliance dollies, and moving blankets, to name a few. These allow them to move junk from your home to their truck without carrying the heavy stuff.

2. You Won’t Get Wounds

Emergency departments in the US treated over 24.82 million non-fatal injuries in 2019. More than 1.64 million of these were for cuts or piercing injuries. Although non-life-threatening, such injuries can still be painful and may even become infected.

Getting rid of junk on your own puts you at risk of such wounds. By contrast, providers of the best junk removal services are experts in what they do. They use personal protective gear to keep themselves safe while clearing out clutter.

3. You Won’t Get Into an Accident

Each year, more than eight million US hospital ER visits result from fall accidents. That’s on top of the one million visits that arise from slips and falls. Many of these accidents occurred in none other than the patients’ homes.

Slipping, tripping, and falling are some of the risks of attempting to remove junk by yourself. For example, you might drop a small object, forget about it, and end up tripping and falling because of it. Carrying something too heavy can also cause you to lose your balance and suffer a fall.

Keep in mind that junk removal experts are professional cleaners. They understand that their job is risky, so they don’t underestimate the hazards. They always clear the paths they need to travel on to protect themselves from job injuries.

4. Get the Job Done in the Least Amount of Time

Considering the heavy work involved in junk removals, professionals always work in teams. This allows them to complete a job in a matter of a few hours. They also support and look out for each other to help reduce their risks of accidents.

If you were to clear out all that clutter and junk on your own, it might take you more than just a day. That’s on top of the many health and safety risks you might face.

All that should be enough reason to hire expert junk removal and clean-up services.

Make Your Home Safer with Professional Junk Removal Services

Professional junk removal services are safer and more efficient than a DIY approach. Besides, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and they’ll even help you avoid unnecessary healthcare costs. Plus, removing clutter and junk is key to a healthier home, which is all the more reason to get rid of them ASAP.

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