You walk on your carpet in bare feet and shoes. People track in dirt, mud, and more from outside. Your carpet takes a beating and over time looks dingy and dirty.

Many people don’t know how often should carpets be cleaned. They may not see much of a difference because the color changes a little at a time. By the time they finally get a carpet cleaning service, the change is dramatic.

We created this guide to help you know when your carpet is dirty and how often you need to hire a professional cleaner. Don’t live in a home with a dingy-looking carpet.

How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

This is a loaded question because not every carpet is the same. The natural weather of your area, children, and pets can have a major impact.

You also must consider how much traffic it gets, severity of allergies, and wear and tear. A home in an area that suffers numerous storms and harsh winters needs cleaning more often.

Homes with pets and children get stained easily from dropped drinks and pet accidents. This decreases the time between cleanings. If you take care of your carpet and don’t have much foot traffic, then you can’t wait longer.

Importance of Carpet Maintenance

If you want your carpet to last longer, then vacuum it weekly and do regular spot maintenance. This brings up the dirt and debris inside the carpet. If you don’t, then it gets stepped on and driven further into the carpet.

An average home only needs carpet cleaning once a year. This means you don’t have much traffic on the carpets, and you vacuum as you should.

If you have pets and children or live in an area where people track in mud, snow, and water, then have it cleaned twice a year. A bad winter where people track mud and dirty snow through your house can drastically reduce the cleanliness of your carpet.

Benefits of a Carpet Cleaner

It’s less expensive to clean the carpet yourself, but one of the best carpet cleaning tips is to have it done by a professional carpet cleaner.

They have equipment and cleaners you can’t find at your local department store. They get deep into the fibers of the carpet and bring out dirt and grime from deep within.

Some stains are deep in the fibers. Without professional cleaning, it may look like the stain is gone, but a few days later you’ll notice it’s back. This is called wicking and a professional keeps it from happening.

Follow Carpet Cleaning Guidelines

How often should carpets be cleaned? They need to be cleaned at least once a year or more if you have heavy foot traffic, animals, etc. If you have a party coming up and want your carpet to look its best, then have it cleaned.

You can have your carpet cleaned at any time, so take advantage of professional services. If you want to learn more about carpet cleaning and why were the best carpet cleaning service around, then please check out our reviews.