Are you not cleaning your house often enough? Check out this house cleaning schedule to learn how often you should clean your house.

You know you should be maintaining a clean house. But do you know how often you should be cleaning?

For most of us, a house cleaning schedule is rather sporadic. We get to it when company is coming over, or when we simply find time in our busy lives.

But knowing when we should clean certain things could make it easier to set up a cleaning schedule that is more manageable. And it will give you the peace of mind knowing your family is living in a safe, clean environment.

Let’s look at house cleaning schedule tips that will keep your home sparkling day after day.

Every Day

Wipe down kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Bacteria love to gather in these areas, making it easy to spread throughout these frequently used rooms. A thorough wipe down will keep things sanitized and bacteria at bay.

Disinfect your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Like the counters, bacteria like to hang out in sinks. Dish soap and a quick rinse is all you need to keep them safe and clean.

Make your bed, being sure to air out your bed everyday by throwing back your bedcover. Then make up the bed to keep your sheets fresh and clean. Besides, nothing feels as good as climbing into a crisp bed every night!

Every Week

Dust the surfaces for a clean home. Run a dust rag or sweeper over your tables, bookcases, lamps, ceiling fans, and other main surfaces. For smaller or more delicate areas, use a feather duster that can squeeze into tight places and not damage your items.

Change bed sheets. Skin cells, dust, and oils cling to your sheets as you sleep. Swapping your bedding for a fresh set once a week will keep your sleeping surfaces clean and free of bacteria.

Vacuum your floors. Dirt gets tracked onto your floors on a daily basis. Running a vacuum cleaner once a week will keep this dirt from building up and maintain the look of your floors.

Every Month

Clean vents and window blinds. Use a duster or soft cleaning brush to get in-between the slits. For tougher to clean dirt, remove the vent covers or window blinds and use warm soapy water to scrub.

Vacuum clean your mattress. Just as your sheets can collect skin cells and dust, so can your mattress. Use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum to clean any debris.

Clean your dishwasher and washing machine. You don’t normally think about cleaning the machines that are responsible for cleaning other things, but they can collect dirt too! Add a cup of white vinegar in the washing machine detergent drawer or set it in the dishwasher and run it on a hot setting.

Every 3-6 Months

Clean your oven and kitchen range hood. Both build-up grease and grime from cooking. A deep cleaning spray will keep both sparkling.

Clean behind and under furniture. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean dirt isn’t there. Deep clean around furniture every few months to keep dust mites and bacteria away.

Every Year

Give your fireplace a good sweep. Springtime, after winter, is usually the best time to get your fireplace cleaned out and ready for next fall. Make sure the firebox gets cleared out properly and that the chimney gets a professional sweep.

Clean dryer vents. Lint can build-up and cause a serious fire hazard. Vacuum out any lint from inside your dryer vent hose, doing it more often if you do a lot of laundry.

A House Cleaning Schedule Makes It Easy

Having a house cleaning schedule takes the guesswork out of your household chores. Knowing when things need to get done will make cleaning become second nature in no time!

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