Make the most of maids! More than 720,000 people work as maids and housekeeping cleaners. However, the sheer number of options you have can make picking maid services difficult. To narrow your options down, you should consider a few factors.

What are the qualities of great house cleaners? What credentials should your house cleaner service have? How should cleaners communicate with you?

Answer these questions and you can have a spotless home in no time. Here are five things to consider when hiring maid services.

1. Customer Reviews

Before you hire any housekeeping professional, you should read their reviews online. Visit third-party websites like Yelp and ask your friends about the professionals they have hired.

It is okay to hire a housekeeper who can improve a few things about their services. But never hire someone who seems unprofessional or distracted while they are working.

2. Service Offerings

House cleaning services can mean a few different things. Some companies specialize in cleaning particular areas, like floors or bathrooms. Other companies perform emergency cleanings, sanitizing a house after a burst pipe or sewage spill.

Take a close look at what your house cleaners can do. Find housekeepers who provide exactly the services you need, and make sure you’re not paying for things you don’t want.

3. Rates

You should find maid services that are cheap. However, buying the cheapest services you see may not be a good idea. You may not get a high-quality clean, and your employees may not have training or extensive experience.

Think of a price range instead of one number. Stay on the lower end of your range, but be willing to go up so you have good services. You should call the maid services on the phone and talk to them about ways to reduce your expenses.

4. Insurance and Permits

Never hire a company that does not have company insurance. Read about becoming licensed and bonded in housecleaning and see what credentials your business has.

Ask a company representative what insurance they have and ask for documents about the company’s policy. You should also look at their permits and make sure they are able to clean a house in your area.

5. Customer Service

Customer service means a few different things. When you ask a question to an employee, they should be able to answer your question. They should seem friendly to you, and you should feel comfortable letting this person into your home.

After the company cleans your home, someone should reach out to you to ask you how things went. If you have complaints, the person should help you resolve those issues.

What You Should Look For in Maid Services

All great maid services have a few things in common. Customers vouch for them and say they are attentive and professional. Maids offer high-quality services that are relevant to their customer’s needs and solve major problems.

Services are cheap and do not have hidden fees. The company has insurance and permits, covering the cost of any damage an employee makes. A representative answers questions quickly and uses a friendly tone of voice.

Start looking at your options for maid services now. Cosmopolitan Cleaning Service serves the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Contact us today.