Tips for Allergy-Proofing Your Home

By |2023-05-03T16:06:50-05:00May 3rd, 2023|Allergies|

Allergies can be a nuisance, especially when they make you feel miserable in your own home. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to allergy-proof your home and minimize your exposure to allergens. By making a few simple changes, you can create an environment that is more comfortable and healthier for you and your [...]

Fighting Carpet Allergies: The Role of Carpet Cleaning

By |2021-06-03T12:43:45-05:00March 19th, 2021|Allergies|

Fifty million Americans suffer from allergies each year. The majority of these allergies are due to pollutants in the air you breathe, which can be up to five times higher indoors than outdoors.  One of the most common causes of indoor air pollution in your home is carpeting. While you can't clean the air itself, it's possible [...]

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