One of the greatest gifts we give our community is through the groundbreaking charity (C4R). Through this incredible organization we offer free cleanings to women diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing treatment.

What we Offer:

  • 2 hours of free cleaning once per month for up to 4 months (the appointments can be spread out if desired, so the monthly cleanings don’t have to happen consecutively.)

How to sign up:

  • Register the patient here by filling out and submitting the application form.
  • Once the patient is matched, she will be asked to provide C4R with a note from her physician confirming she is in treatment.
  • If the patient’s zip code is within our service area, C4R will alert us, and we’ll contact the patient directly to set up service.

Please share this offer with any women you know who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Providing this service gives us the greatest joy we could ever receive from our work: helping people. Serving Dallas and most north and northeast Dallas suburbs. Browse our service areas.